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Cream Agency is, in essence, a talent management agency focused on finding the next big talent, whether in music, entertainment or sports. Creating a brand and using this personal brand to build a second career is our focus.

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Reggae Music label Love & Unity Music
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Athletes have a short career and the risk of injury is always present. Cream Agency focuses on quality representation based on a holistic approach to the second career and life skills.

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Cream Agency.

We take responsibility to realize the greatest hopes and dreams of young talents. This process can be initiated by asking an athlete to be introspective internally and to evaluate his own goals and priorities.

Cream Agency consists of an honest, hardworking and driven team. Our goal is to make productive professionals who make a point of building long-term and meaningful relationships. CREAM Agency has partnerships with football academies in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. We have a large potential of talented athletes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a trial.


You have talent and you want to further develop your talents. At Cream Agency we sit down with you and see how you can further develop your talent (s) into a business model. We specialize in developing top sport in particular football and music talent (singing talent).


We often see that young talents have a lot of potential, but do not keep the focus. Unfortunately, they do not reach their full potential as a result. At Cream Agency we keep the focus sharp by setting targets and maintaining regular personal contact with our clients.


Result. That is what we are going for. Nothing is so nice to get a contract with a professional football club or to release your own girth. At Cream Agency we know it’s possible!


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