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For sports talent development

The key to a great sports club is rather obvious: scout, recruit and teach great players. Cream Agency supports football clubs in finding the next big talent. We have a great network around the world for finding talented players.

For music talent development

Cream Agency is, in essence, a talent management agency focused on finding the next big talent, whether in music, entertainment or sports. Creating a brand and using this personal brand to build a second career is our focus

Personal assistance

Cream Agency is, in essence, a talent management agency focused on finding the next big talent, whether in music, entertainment or sports. We see a lot of young people with a lot of talent, who often do not have the right guidance to further develop their talent and career. We aim to be a solution. Through a very personal and targeted approach, we believe that developing into a top sport professional or top music artist is most certainly possible. 


You have talent and you want to further develop your talents. At Cream Agency we sit down with you and see how you can further develop your talent (s) into a business model. We specialize in developing top sport in particular football and music talent (singing talent).


We often see that young talents have a lot of potential, but do not keep the focus. Unfortunately, they do not reach their full potential as a result. At Cream Agency we keep the focus sharp by setting targets and maintaining regular personal contact with our clients.


Result. That is what we are going for. Nothing feels better than to get a contract with a professional football club, or to release your own album.  At Cream Agency we know it is possible!

How does it work ?

It all starts with you. You request a free intake interview with Cream Agency. We will then contact you to plan the intake interview. During the intake interview it will soon be made clear which direction we should go.

What are the costs?

The costs depend on a number of things. During the intake interview it will be very clear how the costs are structured. We work in various phases in order to give the candidate every opportunity to develop his talent within the possibilities available.

Why work with Cream Agency?

We help you to fully focus on what you are good at and can also become a winner. We ensure that you get the attention of the right people, help you make the right steps to develop your talent.

Your ambitions are central

It is about your career and that is made very clear from day 1. You will immediately notice that Cream Agency applies a very personal approach. We also do not engage in difficult or complex contracts. Everything must be clear to both parties. Take the time today to schedule an intake interview with one of our employees.


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